April 28, 2016

Spring! The months have arrived for unveiling bursts of color and light into our lives after the long, cold days of being wrapped like cocoons in our winter wear. The woolies give way to the freedom of lighter, flowing fabrics and the perfect accessory – the scarf - to add color, and a breezy feeling of adventure to spring days. To celebrate this month of May, “me:me:me” is offering an opportunity for you to treat your mother, partner, or friends with a gift of one of our luxurious, colorful scarves at a very special prices – packaged in our bold...

An Introduction

April 07, 2015

"me:me:me" is excited to be embarking on this journey of new designs on luxury scarves. With our passion for the colorful world of global cultures and the silk as our canvas for artistic expression, we present out introductory scarf offerings. "me:me:me" is inspired by the cross influences of art on fashion and fashion on art. We give our nod of thanks to such historical movements as Cubism and Russian Constructivism whose works have also been a context for the evolution of street artists. It’s all about bringing that same energy to our products for you!