Who we are

me:me:me” began with seeds of creativity and a holistic vision wrapped around the idea that all fashion begins in the street. It is in the street where life overlaps in it’s richness of expression; where people of many colors and cultures meet and interact in a moving art form. All aspects of living are evident, portrayed by individuals or groups as they express themselves through their personal fashion statements. Here you see luxury and elegance_ there romance_ on someone else, confidence and a sense of adventure_ on another an aura of mystery_ on yet another playfulness and ease_ and in this sea of humanity, attention then moves from form and fashion to the face and eyes_ the windows of the soul. Our team agrees with the premise that each individual on this planet is unique, and this new fashion accessory is designed to enhance that individuality. In an esoteric way, “me:me:me” design team is convinced that the scarves are adding to that personal expression of beauty.

What we do

The team at “me:me:me” has chosen the scarf, one of fashion’s smartest investments, as one way to fulfill our passion for uniting people by bringing attention to the face. 100% silk, known for it’s pearl-like luster was chosen as the fabric of choice. The colors of the scarves were meticulously selected to complement all skin tones.

How we do it

me:me:me” is the brainchild of a team of US based designers. This team is routinely creating designs for various aspects of lifestyle and livable spaces from architecture, interiors, furniture, decorative accessories and carpets to fashion. In depth research was conducted into the best and most dependable fabric printing companies around the world, including the most notorious manufacturer in Lyon, France. The quality of the 100% silk, color pigments and hand rolled finished edges were highly scrutinized. The manufacturing company “me:me:me” selected , has offices in New York and Los Angeles and it represents one of the oldest and most renowned silk factories in China. The team at “me:me:me” decided to print our designs where 100% silk was originally invented.